I’m Cassie Harwood, a 24-year-old journalism student with a focus in newspaper reporting at San Francisco State University. When I’m not busy drowning in San Francisco’s fog, I’m usually in Oakland, the town that I live in and call home.

This blog, a project for my Intro to Online Journalism class, is all about books. Living in the Bay Area, I’m surrounded by billions of pages-worth of the things: cluttered around bookstores and libraries, huddled around book club circles and scattered in free boxes on the street. So I thought it would be cool to explore some of the area’s writers, readers, and written words, and what’s going on in the local literary world.

It’s maybe a little ironic t0 devote a blog, a purely digital medium, to printed, paper matter—yet both are forums for words, and hopefully those written in this space will be at least a fraction as informative or entertaining as a good book.

Thanks for reading, and click here to see my online portfolio.

Cassie Harwood


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